Resistance against NRM in Sweden: Kämpa STHLM on anti-fascism and counter-demonstrations

On the 6th of December the Nordic Resistance Movement, NRM, will keep a demonstration in Helsinki only three months after causing the death of Jimi Karttunen. NRM is a openly national socialist group who aims at creating a Nordic nazi state. The last time they demonstrated was in Stockholm on the 12th of November. In Stockholm NRM met resistance in the form of counter-demonstrations and around 3000-4000 people took the street. Also in Helsinki there will be an counter-demonstration, Helsinki without Nazis on the Finnish independence day. 
Kaivuri talked to Kämpa STHLM, the organizers of both the bigger counter-demonstration and the event Snöbollskrig mot Raskrig (trans. Snowballwar agains Racewar) in Stockholm about why they organized the counter-demonstrations and how we can resist Nazism today. 
“First of all, the time for symbolic action is over. What does it mean when organized Nazis in uniform are trying to move around freely on our streets? We see it as an attack on everyone who does not fit into their worldview, and it is really important to not let this pass as just another opinion, which is it not. We are talking about people who want to put people in gas chambers”, says Hilma from Kämpa STHLM. 

The NRM demonstration in Stockholm gathered around 500 Nazis from all of their member countries. It is unlikely that as many would travel to Helsinki on the 6th of December. It is estimated that the Finnish wing of the NRM has around 60-70 members, however there are usually not that many persons in their events. The last time the Finnish Resistance Movement had visitors from Sweden, 19 persons got accused of violent rioting and 3 persons of leading a violent riot, also after attacking bystanders in Jyväskylä.

“Since what they wanted is clean and good looking march through Stockholm we decided that they won’t get that. We wanted to create an atmosphere that would lead to the police not letting the Nazis walk. We use a diversity of tactics where we encourage everyone to build small groups, talk to friends, classmates, neighbors and think about what you want to do when this is happening in your city. Do you want a snowball fight, clowning, to sing songs and block them, a flying picnic? This is a broad anti-fascist movement, everyone’s ideas are welcome as long as you do something”, Hilma continues.  
The name Kämpä STHLM is inspired by Kämpa Malmö which was a slogan for the anti-fascist mobilization after four persons were attacked and stabbed by nazis in a leftist area in Malmö in 2014 after a demonstration on Womens day. Hilma encourages everyone to go out despite the fear.   
“When so many people feel hopeless, the best you can do is to go to the streets. Can it be fun to go to a counter-demonstration, I think so yes, snowball fights are fun and we are building the resistance together by being on the street which is empowering. It is important that this is not a joke either, they are not trolls, but a real threat that we need to organize against. We have made a choice, yes I am afraid I can admit that, but I choose to act, I won’t let my fear stand in the way, in that case I might just give up straight away.“
“We are past the point where there could be a clear guidelines on how to act as an anti-fascist. Do whatever feels okey for you, but do it. If you want something to happen, go for it. And everybody should support that as well as take care of each other. Talk to your friends and organize also on a daily basis in your local context. Maybe you can find like minded at your workplace or union.”, suggests Hilma. 
The counter-demonstration in Helsinki will gather at Asema-aukio at 14.30 on the 6.12.2016 and is organized by Varisverkosto, A-ryhmä and Helsingin Vasemmistonuoret.

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